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ISRO Cyberspace Competitions (ICC – 2020)


Indian Space Research Organisation

During the present COVID-19 challenging times, when physical meetings are near-impossible, ISRO plans to play its unifying role for the young minds of our country by involving them in various online competitions showcasing their potential talents by organising online ISRO Cyberspace Competitions– 2020 (ICC–2020).

ICC–2020 would avoid the physical travel of the students to different places and facilitates their participation online keeping them safe within their home during these testing times. The competitions planned are:

1. Drawing competition for Class 1 to 3

2. Model making competition for Class 4 to 8

3. Essay competition for class 9 to 10 (Either Hindi or English)

4. Essay competition / Space-Quiz contest for class 11 to 12 (Either Hindi or English)

With increase in digital awareness of the Indian mass, the participation in this competition will be in-line towards the philosophy of ‘Digital India’ and aims to tap the creativity, inquisitiveness, innovativeness harnessing the unbound imagination of school students towards Space Science and Technology.

For registration online, please visit:


General Rules & Regulations:

1. The competition is open to the school students studying in India.

2. The participation in ICC-2020 is without any fee.

3. All competitions are individual events.

4. Participation in these competitions can be done from home and participants need not travel anywhere.

5. The affiliation of the students for a particular class category shall be based on their enrolment during the academic year 2020-21.

6. The Identity Card issued by the Institution during the Academic Year 2019-20 shall be taken as reference.

7. In case the results are awaited for Academic Year 2019-20, it may be deemed that the participant has already passed the examination and has got enrolled to the next grade during the Academic Year 2020-21.

 This condition is applicable only for participation in “ISRO Cyberspace Competitions – 2020” through online mode and cannot be taken as an endorsement for any other purpose.

8. Registrations has to be done on the link provided at ISRO website www.isro.gov.in/icc-2020 on or before June 28, 2020. A unique registration number will be generated against successful registration.


After Registration click here to login—



 9. One individual can register and participate in only one competition

10. Name of submission file shall be same as registration number of the participant.

11. The name of the top 500 students will be announced on ISRO website and the Merit Certificates will be provided by e-mail / post.

12. All other participants will receive Participation Certificate through e-mail.

13. The detailed procedure of the ICC-2020 shall be provided at ISRO portal.

14. The Time-Table for all the competitions along with probable topics, shall be made available on ISRO Portal shortly.

15. All the submissions in ICC-2020 shall be the exclusive property of ISRO. ISRO can publish the contents of the submissions (edited / unedited) in journals / periodicals giving due credit to the participant.

16. The decision of the Organising Committee, ICC-2020 shall be final and binding in case of any difference. 17. For further details, please contact.


Kindly read F&Q section on https://www.isro.gov.in/sites/default/files/faqs_icc-2020_revised.pdf for registration process.


Syllabus for ---https://www.isro.gov.in/sites/default/files/20200617_icc-2020-syllabus_schedule.pdf