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Curriculum Vitae (CV)


A CV is a detailed professional document that highlights a person’s journey till date – academic, experiences and accomplishments. Universities ask for a CV to get a crisp hold on the participation of the student in various activities and their timelines. Career history and immediate goals for which the document is created are also covered in it.

While international education and its application process puts huge emphasis on profile building, the CV brings all your activities on one place. The stronger the CV, the stronger is the profile and higher are the chances to get admission in your chosen university.


What should be included in a CV?                                       

  • Crisp and clear contact information
  • Personal profile including a short summary
  • Work experience (full time as well as internships)
  • Education (updated till the very recent one)
  • Skills – both technical and personal
  • Extracurricular activities



Tips for writing a Perfect CV

  • Chose a format that goes with your profile
  • Highlight key information
  • Be relevant
  • Keep a check on the tone and language
  • Pay attention to detail
  • Keep it short and crisp yet meaningful
  • Be accurate
  • Include interesting hobbies
  • Do not try to look fancy


Spanning time on a CV is usually 30 seconds. Ensure to draft a CV that makes an impression within that time frame.

Ensure it reflects YOU!