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Korea-India Friendship Painting Competition 2019





The 2nd Korea-India Friendship Painting Competition 2019 is a painting competition organized by the Korean Cultural Centre India. The competition is open to Class 1 to 12 students who hold Indian citizenship and residence. The winners of the painting competition can win a free trip to South Korea.

Korea-India Friendship Painting Competition divided into 2 groups

  • Junior Group: Class 1 to 7
  • Senior Group: Class 8 to 12


Eligibility & Painting Specification


  • Students from Class 8 to 12 will participate in Senior Group.
  • The painting must be original and a work done on paper of any kind.
  • Any kind of colouring can be used including but not limited to pencil colours, crayons, water colours, acrylic colours, oil colours, charcoal, paints, oil paints etc.


How to Participate


Students have to draw painting on the given topic and write your name, class, age, school name and school address on the backside of painting after that send it to Korean Cultural Centre India, Embassy of the Republic of Korea, 25-A, Ring Road, Lajpat Nagar 4, New Delhi 110024. there is no participation fee.


Topics of Painting


  • South Korea - as I see it (Technology, Beauty, Tourism, Sports, Culture etc)
  • Legendary Indian Princess Huh Hwang-ok to Korea (Ayodhya, Queen Huh Memorial)
  • Korea and India's Independence Movement (March 1st Movement, 15th August - Liberation day)


Size of Painting

  • Minimum size of entry is A3 for Senior Group




For Senior Group

1st Prize: Free Trip to Korea
2nd Prize (a): Free Trip to Korea
2nd Prize (b): Free Trip to Korea
3rd Prize (a): Rs 5,000
3rd Prize (b): Rs 5,000
3rd Prize (c): Rs 5,000
Special Prizes (10): Rs 2000 each

Participation Certificates for All Participants


Important dates


  • Last date to Apply: 24 July 2019