Hand-Holding - Classes 11th, 12th


A personalised and customized program to help you through the complexities of choosing the optimum career as well as your personal mentor who will guide you on each step to reach your destined college/university.

Be it for Indian College/University or any confusion persists for international education, we have sorted everything for you.


An exhaustive 14-step personalized counselling program for the students. Starting from the day the student registers with us to the day he gets admission into the most deserving college, the personal Career Counsellor of the child will address all his/her career related requirements.


It lays emphasis on making parents an important part of the entire process. The process starts with interacting with parents about their observations about the child, their financial limitations, geographical limitations and course preferences. The child’s interest, hobbies, aptitude, skills are also taken care of.


Along with all this the child’s interest, hobbies, aptitude, skills are measured. Both marks as well as entrance based colleges are listed according to the child’s profile and a proper track of the forms and cut-offs for these colleges are kept so that the child does not lose focus. We stay with the child till he reaches the most deserving college.

HAND HOLDING (International)

When it comes to International education, concerns increase manifold. Keeping in mind the future prospects of the college and the course, exhaustive guidance is provided for the students in accordance to the international deadlines.


Starting from the very first step of parent interaction step by step guidance will be provided to the student. Parent’s role is accorded much importance in this program.

  • Ice Breaking Session (Parents and Students)
  • Profiling Test
  • Country, University, Course selection
  • Entrance Exams and their preparation
  • Tracking of forms
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • SOP, LoRs
  • Additional Certifications
  • Exchange Programs
  • Mandatory documents
  • Filling Forms and tracking applications
  • Filling of Acceptance Fee, Residential Fee, etc


Student Pre-Registration.

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