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ISRO Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics Program,Antariksh Jigyasa


Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), Indian space agency, founded in 1969 to develop an independent Indian space program. Its headquarters are in Bangalore (Bengaluru)


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Shiksha Gagan


It is an active learning virtual platform which offers self-paced online courses to the learners on space science, technology, and its applications. The platform enables, learners to register and login to ISRO E-CLASS Learning Management System (LMS) for accessing e-learning contents and study materials. The learners has to follow the defined course guidelines of each course, participate in the online activities and assessments to get course completion certificate. The courses are available as Massive Open Online Course (MOOC). The login credentials will be activate initially for three months and learners has to complete the course within this time frame.


Space Varta


Is the voice of ISRO scientists, who share the theory behind scientific concepts related to specific areas of space science, technology and applications, their experience in implementing the systems and success stories & outcomes of major space missions. It is an interactive programme for the registered listeners. However the live sessions will also be available through social media platforms for large outreach. The registered users can post the questions during the live session and the selected questions will be answered by the subject matter expert.




It is a creative platform for the kids to showcase their imagination, creativity and talent connected to astronomy, astrophysics, space and related activities. The platform enables to submit creative photography, painting sketches, drawings, creative videos by kids after registration. ISRO evaluates these creatives on periodic basis and recognises the best submissions in an appropriate way.


Antriksh Navachar


It is an online platform for young innovators to submit their ideas, research outcomes, models, software, tools& techniques, problem solving approach or any other creative and innovative solutions. The students can submit their proposal by providing a short description about their innovation, brief attachment with problem solving statement. ISRO evaluates these creatives on periodic basis and recognises the best submissions in an appropriate way.


Space Quiz


It is an online quiz platform for young students. The event based space Quiz will be available on specific themes/topics related to space science, technology and applications. The spaceQuiz is announced by ISRO on regular basis as a time bonded activity. The students have to participate in the online quiz and on scoring minimum passing grades, the Quiz completion certificate will be awarded to the participant by ISRO. It is a platform to access your knowledge and skills on space science and technology.


SPARK- Space Park


SPARK is ISRO's first-ever 3D virtual space tech park which includes a museum, a theatre, an observatory, a garden with life-sized rockets, a lakeside cafe area and a children's play area along with several other interactions. Inside the main museum building, one can navigate through the virtual facility to explore various exhibits on ISRO's achievements, satellites and launch vehicles. The visitors also get access to the documents about all the top scientists who contributed to the success story of the ISRO. The agency said that the beta version of the application can be accessed through its official website.


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