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Deshbhakti Geet- Writing Competition


At the time when our nation gained Independence, several songs, ballads, and hymns written in the many dialects and languages of our vibrant nation and punctuated by the music and sound of unique instruments from different regions of the country, brought every Indian together!

Patriotic songs have always played an important role in boosting our morale and fostering a spirit of love towards the nation. This, is a tradition that has been our strength whenever we have been called upon to come together for the national cause.

As the nation marks its 75th year of Independence, let’s rekindle the sense of pride in our collective identity. In this period of Amrit Kaal, let us write new patriotic songs which will reverberate with the spirit of New India. The colours of one’s art, culture, song, music must certainly be filled in Amrit Mahotsav too.

In an effort to give voice to India’s patriotic soul, every Indian with ages of 10+ is invited to send in their entries here. These patriotic songs can be in your mother tongue or English as well. It is essential that these creations reflect the thought of new India; inspired by the current success of the country, it should be such that fuels the country’s resolve for the future.




  • Age : 10+ years
  • Theme : Thought of New India
  • One entry per Mobile Number


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Four Stages of Competition


Launch Date 31 Oct 2021


Launch Date

Stage of Competition

Stage 1


31 Oct to 31 Jan 2022

Tehsil / Taluka Level

Each district will organise these competitions at the Tehsil / Taluka levels. The competition at the Tehsil / Taluka levels will be conducted digitally by uploading the composition along with a few other details.

Stage of Competition

Stage 2


15 Feb to 28 Feb 2022

District Level

The best entries from Tehsil / Taluka levels will be selected and will be declared as District Level Winners by a specially constituted jury. Winners at the district level will advance to the State / UT level competition.

Stage of Competition

Stage 3


10 Mar to 31 Mar 2022

State Level

All district winners in a State / UT will compete for the State / UT level prizes. Each State / UT will then select the state level winners to be selected by a specially constituted jury.

Stage of Competition

Stage 4


13 April 2022

National Level

The State / UT level winners will compete in the final national level competition and from among these participants, national winners will be selected by a specially constituted Jury.




  • Each District to have 3 Winners
    • First Prize - Rs 10,000
    • Second Prize - Rs 5000
    • Third Prize - Rs 3000


  • Each State/UT to have 3 Winners
    • First Prize - Rs 1,00,000
    • Second Prize - Rs 75,000
    • Third Prize - Rs 50,000


  • National level to have 5 Winners
    • First Prize - Rs 6,00,000
    • Second Prize - Rs 5,00,000
    • Third Prize - Rs 4,00,000
    • Fourth Prize - Rs 3,00,000
    • Fifth Prize - Rs 2,00,000


Special Rewards


  • Collaboration with the eminent music Composers / Directors
  • Virtual interaction with Hon'ble Prime Minister


Important Dates


Last date for Participation : 31st January 2022