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Beat the Post-Exam Blues: Creative Ways to Use Free Time


Hey there, fellow exam takers! After weeks of intense studying, exams are finally over and you've earned yourself a well-deserved break. But after the initial relief wears off and you realize that your free time isn't actually free, you may start to feel a little bit down.

We know that it's often hard to stay motivated when the pressure has been lifted and the stakes are no longer high. That's why we've compiled a list of creative ways to use your newfound free time so you can make the most of this post-exam period.


Take Time to Restore Your Energy


Exams can be extremely draining, both physically and mentally. With all the hours you've put into studying and preparing, your body and mind are likely feeling a bit depleted. No matter how tempting it may be to jump straight into more work or activities, you should give yourself time to rest and restore your energy first.

Resting doesn't mean being passive—the best way to restore your energy is by doing something that recharges you. This could mean getting a good night's sleep, taking a long hot bath with some essential oils, or going for a walk outdoors in nature.


Read for Pleasure or Plan a Virtual Bookclub


One great way students can use this time is by reading for pleasure. Reading not only grants access to new ideas and exciting stories, but also can help you take a break mentally, as well as develop new skills such as writing structure and grammar.You can even take it one step further and start a virtual book club with your friends.


Pick Up a New Hobby or Brush Up on an Old One


Having a hobby can be incredibly cathartic, so why not make the most of your newfound free time and pick up something new?

There are also plenty of online resources available if you want to pursue something from home—from blogs on baking bread and coding tutorials, there’s no shortage of ideas waiting for you!


Purge, take inventory and organize


Digital de-cluttering is all about getting rid of anything in your digital life that's no longer serving a purpose. So first things first: purge anything you don't need, like old downloads and emails (we bet you have quite a few). Then take inventory of what you have left and reconsider what can be combined or archived. Lastly, create a new organization system so you can find things quickly in the future.


Learn a new Language


Did you know that learning a new language can improve your memory and reduce stress? Plus, it's a great way to use the extra time after exams.


Connect With Friends Virtually


Catching up with your friends is a great way to take your mind off exams, and with technology these days, connecting with friends is easier than ever.

Technology so easily lets us stay in touch despite the physical distance, and here are some ideas to make the most of that:

  1. Have a movie night virtually—you just need to sync your Netflix accounts to watch together!
  2. Host a trivia night with apps like Jackbox or Trivia Crack
  3. Organize an online game night with games like Skribbl or Cards Against Humanity
  4. Gather everyone for a virtual dinner party
  5. Have weekly video chats over Zoom or Skype
  6. Exchange book recommendations and reviews on Goodreads
  7. Start a virtual book club or podcast listening club