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Tagline Contest for YUVA Platform


YUVA platform is envisaged to be a potential changemaker in transforming the youth and unlocking their potential to advance India. It will be a one-stop technology platform to provide services and information to approximately 38 Cr youth, which will help them in leveraging their potential, while also being effective in creating a more enabled and positive society and, Nation.

Department of Youth Affairs pursues the twin objectives of personality building and nation building, i.e., developing youth’s personality and involving them in various nation-building activities. Department of Youth Affairs (DoYA) under the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports acts as a facilitator and catalytic agent for all activities related to youth.

In this regard, the Department of Youth Affairs in collaboration with MyGov - Digital India Corporation hosting a Tagline Contest for YUVA Platform where we will be inviting citizens to show their creativity which can be easily relatable to the concept of the YUVA platform for its popularisation and broader outreach.


Technical Parameters:

1. The participants may suggest a tagline for being easily relatable to the concept of YUVA platform in English or Hindi or both languages.
2. Tagline must not be longer than 8 words.
3. Each participant can submit multiple tagline suggestions in either or both languages (English or Hindi). However, only one entry per language may be selected by the jury.
4. The participants need to submit the tagline suggestions in text format only.
5. The Tagline should be usable on the website/ mobile app/ social media such as Twitter/ Facebook / Instagram and on Magazines, Commercial Hoarding / Standees, Brochures, Leaflets and Pamphlets, Souvenirs and other Publicity and Marketing materials.


Evaluation Criteria:

1. The entries will be judged will be selected on the basis following criteria:
- Alignment to Name and overall theme of YUVA
- Creativity
- Originality
- Simplicity
- Inspirational element
2. In case of more than the required winners in any category, further selection shall be done with the help of Draw.
3. The decision of the Selection Committee would be final and binding on all the contestants and no clarifications would be issued to any participants or any decision of the Selection Committee.



The Selected Entry shall be rewarded with a cash prize worth Rs. 15,000.

Click here to read the Terms & Conditions PDF(95.71 KB)




Important Dates

Last Date 20-July-2023