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Online Course on Space Technology & Indian Space Programme ISRO



Space Science and technology are exciting areas for scientists and researchers which has greatly impacted the societal and economic development of any country. In the recent years, it has also attracted the attentions of students and young generations to build their career in this advancing domain of science and technology. India being one of the leading space faring nation in the world, have its vibrant space program which has matured as a symbol of the country’s sophisticated technological capabilities and its growing regional and global prestige.

Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has successfully accomplished many space missions which includes 114 spacecraft missions, 83 launch vehicles missions, 13 student satellites, 2 re-entry missions and launched 342 foreign satellites from 34 countries.

The data and information generated using these space missions are very important for many developmental activities including better planning and decision making in the areas of earth observations, satellite communications, navigations, weather forecasting, tele-medicine, environmental and climate studies, agriculture, food and water security, disaster management etc.

Indian Institute of Remote Sensing (IIRS), ISRO Dehradun announces a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on “Overview of Space Science and Technology” for School students. The objective of this online course is to provide knowledge and awareness to school students on various aspects of Space Science and technology. During this course, the technical sessions will be delivered by eminent space scientists of India. It will be a unique opportunity for young generation to understand this exciting domain of space technology.

Objective: The overall objective of this course is to make awareness among school students on Space Science and technology.

Target participants of the course: The school students of India and abroad.





The course is free and open to all the students of age 10 years and above from India and abroad.


What You will Learn From Course


The topics which will be covered in this course are the following.


S. No.

Lecture Title


Space Technology & Indian Space Programme


Spacecraft Systems


Satellite Communication & Navigation technology


Astronomy and Space Science


Satellite Meteorology and its applications


Planetary Geoscience


Satellite based Earth observations & Remote Sensing Technology


Remote Sensing Applications in Governance


Close Range Photogrammetry for Urban Heritage Studies


Online learning resources and career opportunity in Geospatial technologies



Reading Satellite Imageries for information Extraction


Geodata access from online data repositories and problem solving using GIS




The Course Participation Certificate will be awarded from IIRS ISRO based on your attendance in technical sessions and your score in online quiz assessment. Minimum 60% Score in Quiz and 70% attendance in video sessions will be required to get course participation certificate



Important Information


Dates: Course in English: June 06 – July 05, 2022

Language: English.


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Space Science and Technology


Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO)