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The Geo Genius National Geography Olympiad 2022


Geography is a vital subject resource for today’s global citizens. It is an important link between natural and social sciences. For understanding and resolving issues about the environment and sustainable development, it is important to focus on Geography within the curriculum.


Dr. Ruchika Bathla expanded the mission by conducting Geo Genius National Geography Olympiad in schools across India. The Olympiad focus primarily on school students from class 2 to 12, as they are developing a global perspective, forming their worldviews and are open to looking at the world differently.

The Geo Genius National Geography Olympiad is a three level competition. The 2021-22 Level 1 will be held online on 12th December 2021




Students of State Board, ICSE Board, CBSE Board and International Boards. Class II to XII only-


  • Class 2 to 4 - Sub Junior Category
  • Class 5 to 8 - Junior Category
  • Class 9 to 12 - Senior Category





There are two mode of registration for participation in the Geo Genius National Geography Olympiad as mentioned below:-


a. Offline- through respective schools.

b. Online- individual registration





Students are requested to register themselves through their schools and in case schools are not registered then the student has the option to register for the online participation. The registration form for the student who is participating online is given on the home page under the sub head ‘Online Registration Procedure’.

(Note: Each student has to opt for only one option from the above)




School Registration starts from 1st June– 15th October, 2021


Student Registration for Online examination starts from - 1st June-31st October, 2021


Level 1

(Offline) - Exam Date - 6th December, 2021.

Venue: Respective Schools.

(Online) - Exam Date - 12th December, 2021. Students appearing online should be in possession of Laptop/Desktop/Tablet/Smartphone.


Level 2

Exam will be conducted online in the month of February 2022. The date of the exam will be promulgated along with the result of Level 1.


Level 3  

Exam will be conducted in the month of April 2022. The date of the exam will be announced along with the results of Level 2.



EXAM PATTERN: https://www.geogeniusindia.org/syllabus


Level 1


    • It is a preliminary exam which will be conducted in both online and offline mode (offline at the respective schools).
    • The question paper will be based on testing the basic geographical knowledge of the student. In Level-1 a total of 40 MCQ’s will be given for Sub Junior Category and 50 MCQ’s each for Junior and Senior Category respectively.
    • No negative marking for incorrect answers. One mark will be awarded for the correct and zero will be given for an incorrect answer.
    • 5% of the meritorious students will be selected for Level-2 exam.


Level 2


    • The online mode of testing would be a mix of multiple choice and one word answer type questions.
    • A total of 40 questions will be given for Sub Junior Category and 50 questions each for Junior and Senior Category respectively.
    • Top fifteen students from Level-2 from each category will be eligible to appear for Level-3 exam.


Level 3


    • This exam will be conducted online through interactive video conferencing tools.
    • Five winners will be selected from each category as National Geography Champions.



Four winners of the Senior Category would represent India in the International Geography Olympiad, which is scheduled in the month of August 2022. The venue for exam 2021-22 is Paris, France. All the travelling and boarding expenditure will be incurred by the participating student/parent.

These students will be mentored by Mr. Vinod Kumar, who is a senior faculty in Geography with extensive teaching experience of 21 years. To his credit he has coached and guided hundreds of NTSE students by conducting workshops in various locations across the country. His students have already represented India on international platforms like International Earth Science Olympiad and have proved their metal by winning medals and appreciation for India.




  • Examination Fee is Rs. 300 per student for offline mode and Rs 310 for online mode. This is a one time registration fee and the student need not to pay any further registration fee/amount, if he/she qualifies for Level 2 and subsequent Level 3.
  • Geography Olympiad Preparatory textbook compiled by I.B.G.B. Learning Society is available on demand from Society Office for an amount of Rs. 110 + dispatch charges i.e. Rs. 80.





Level 1

‘Certificate of Participation’ will be awarded to all the participating students.


Level 2

A total of 5% of the meritorious students from each category who will make up for Level-2 will be awarded with ‘Medal of Achievement’ along with ‘Certificate of Appreciation’.


Level 3

-Five winners from each category will be suitably awarded, which includes 1 Gold, 1 Silver and 3 Bronze Medals, Merit Certificate and cash prize 0f Rs. 11000 to the First place winner, Rs.5000 each to second, third, fourth and fifth place winners respectively in all the three categories.

-The other ten participants from all the three categories will be felicitated with Certificate of Recognition and a Gift worth Rs. 1100.

-The four winners of the Senior Category will represent India in the International Geography Olympiad.

(Note: Efforts are on to establish the feasibility for participation of our four finalists of the senior category in the iGeo. The participants must fulfill the age criteria of iGeo (16-19 years). However, in case of any unforeseen eventuality, winners will be informed accordingly. Winners have no right to claim their confirmation for the participation).





A Certificate of Appreciation will be awarded to all the teacher coordinators who are associated during the conduct of Geo Genius National Geography Olympiad. A trophy will also be awarded to the school Principal as recognition towards encouraging their students for participating in Geo Genius National Geography Olympiad.


For Details---https://www.geogeniusindia.org/