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Ashoka University Online Courses for High-School Students



Are you a student wondering what you should study in college? Or simply looking to explore a discipline or topic not covered in your school syllabus? AshokaX Horizons is a specially curated offering to give school students from everywhere a compelling and stimulating learning experience with courses by top faculty across a whole host of fascinating topics!



Learn From


  • The best Faculty across different disciplines
  • Ashoka University’s unique & famed academic method


Grow By


  • Exposure to college-level readings & resources
  • Interacting with diverse & bright peers from around the country



Summer 2022 begins May 23rd onwards 


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Exciting Courses to choose from!


  • Popular culture and International Relations
  • Measuring the Universe
  • Understanding Politics: Practice, Judgment and Science
  • The Psychology of groups
  • Creativity and Design Thinking
  • Introduction to Cryptography
  • Applied Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Work
  • A way with Words: Writing across forms
  • Graph Theory: The Mathematics of Social Network Analysis
  • Studying India Democracy with Data
  • Nature, culture and Problems of Power