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Summer Programmes UWC Mahindra College 2023



Every year, young students from around the world enrol in our Summer Programmes to tackle important issues such as social justice, sustainability, identity, and more in a first-hand UWC experience.

Our Summer Programmes started in 2009 with a mission to give the UWC experience to a broader audience. Students from around the world — Argentina, Colombia, the USA, Korea, and other countries — have attended our Summer Programmes since inception.

We’ve taken the best aspects of a UWC school — living in a diverse community; experiential education with a strong focus on real-world issues; engagement with causes we’re passionate about; and excellent teachers, facilitators, and partner organizations — and then put them into an immersive, intensive, exciting series of socially relevant learning experiences!


Who Can Apply?


Students between the ages of 16 to 18 who are currently enrolled in high school can apply to OEE (Outdoor and Ecological Education), YSC (Youth for Social Change), and YES (Youth, Environment, and Sustainability). Students between the ages of 16 to 19 can apply to the Slavery Studies programme. We will consider requests to attend if you fall outside the specified age criteria on a case-to-case basis.




Summer Programmes will take place in June 2023 (all programmes will have different durations). It is possible to do a combination of programmes back-to-back for a truly immersive UWC experience.




Three of the programmes (OEE, YSC, and YES) for 2023 will be residential experiences on the MUWCI campus. Slavery Studies will only take place online.


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Different Programmes


YSC: Youth for Social Change

2nd June - 10th June 2023

Youth for Social Change program is an eight-day intensive and immersive residential program that aims to equip young students with the leadership skills required to create positive, lasting change and tackle pressing social problems. In this program, participants will learn various aspects of designing and implementing a social change project. Participants will engage in activities that combine theoretical knowledge, group discussions, and visiting communities to implement micro innovations.



OEE: Outdoor and Ecological Education

9th June - 17th June 2023

From choosing the right backpack to reaching the summit, this 7-day programme will fully prepare you to be an Outdoor person. You will be going on biodiversity walks and field trips, participating in wilderness medical essential training, and camping overnight at one of the majestic mountain ranges near MUWCI. This programme will include a number of outdoor educational activities like trekking, kayaking, and cycling.


YES: Youth, Environment, Sustainability

16th June - 24th June 2023

This 1-week programme takes place in a world biodiversity hotspot and focuses on environment and conservation issues in India. You will work with environment and sustainability NGOs, participating in field trips and projects that encourage you to engage with complex questions of development and conflict, globalization and consumerism, culture and technology. You will receive foundational knowledge, skills, and inspiration to explore the challenges around sustainability, leaving you equipped to make informed and sustainable choices and lead projects of change within your communities and beyond.


Slavery Studies

12th June - 23rd June 2023

Slavery Studies is a new course under development at UWC Mahindra College that looks at slavery from a multi-disciplinary perspective. We aim to help students understand and navigate the topic of slavery in a way that is up-to-date, historically accurate, academically well informed, morally grounded, and sensitive to the horrors. We view education as a vital tool in the global fight to end slavery and oppression, in close alignment with the UWC Mission Statement.