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PROMYS 2022 Boston University (Program in Mathematics for Young Scientists)


We plan to run PROMYS 2022 as an in-person program on the campus of Boston University. We do not have plans for a hybrid program at this time. At this point, we cannot know if international students will be able to travel to the US and participate, but we are currently accepting international applications.

The health and well-being of our participants is the highest priority at PROMYS, and both PROMYS and Boston University take COVID safety seriously. All participants will be required to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and comply with testing protocols while at Boston University. More details on these requirements will be provided to accepted students in May when admissions decisions are announced.




To be eligible, students must, by the start of the program, have completed at least 9th grade (or its equivalent) and be at least 14 years old. Unfortunately, there is no flexibility on these requirements. Students may attend during the summer between high school and college or during a gap year. Students who already attend university are not eligible to apply as students, although they are eligible for a counselor position.

PROMYS is particularly interested in increasing diversity in mathematics and in science and technology opportunities more broadly. PROMYS strongly encourages students to apply who are female, Black, Latinx or from other groups underrepresented in STEM.


How to Apply


First-Year Student Application

Please give yourself plenty of time to work on the problems and to write up your solutions! Many applicants give themselves weeks to think about the problems. PROMYS will email applicants with their admissions decision by the middle of May 2022.


To be submitted by the APPLICANT


1) Problem Set Solutions. Please upload your solutions (as a single PDF no larger than 10 MB) with your online application. If you are handwriting your solutions, please use dark ink and wide margins so a scan of your work will be legible. Please do not send a photo/JPEG of your solutions since it is very unlikely we will be able to read these. If your PDF file is larger than 10 MB, you may need to compress it.


PSet to be Submitted/Solved


2) School Transcript (or report card). Please upload your transcript with your online application. This can be an unofficial copy provided to you by your school. We are not able to process transcripts that are labeled "Secured" at the top or show the lock symbol. If your transcript is in this encrypted format, please send us a scan or screen shot as a PDF. Homeschooled students should please upload a description of courses and studies undertaken.


3) Online Application. You will be asked to upload your problem set solutions and school transcript with your application. There are several short answer questions regarding your interest in the program. You may want to type your responses into a word document from which you can cut and paste into the application form.


Application Form Apply Here


To be submitted by the APPLICANT'S TEACHER


Teacher Recommendation Form. Please ask a current or former mathematics teacher (or a mathematics coach, professor, or mentor) to complete this form. We strongly encourage you to follow up with your teacher to ensure the recommendation is submitted by the March 15 deadline. Your teacher may submit the recommendation even if you haven’t submitted your application yet.

Please note: It is the applicant’s responsibility to request a recommendation. PROMYS will not be reaching out to your teacher.


Teacher Recommendation Form



To be submitted by the APPLICANT’S PARENT (if applicable)


 Financial Aid Application. To be considered for financial aid, please have a parent or guardian complete the financial aid form by the March 15 deadline. The form will ask for the upload of a supporting financial document.


Financial Aid Application


Mehta Fellowships for Students in India


Students in India are invited to apply for a Mehta Fellowship if they would be unable to attend PROMYS without financial assistance. Mehta Fellowships provide a full scholarship to PROMYS covering tuition, visa fees, round-trip travel, housing, meals, and books. For more information, visit the Mehta Fellowships page.


To Apply

  • Submit the regular application (above) and upload your school report card and solutions to the application problems. Select "yes" when the application asks if you are applying for a Mehta Fellowship,
  • Ask a mathematics teacher or mentor to submit the Mehta Recommendation Form (not the regular recommendation form), and
  • Ask a parent or guardian to submit the Mehta Financial Form (not the regular financial aid form).


Important Dates


The application deadline is March 15, 2022. 

Admissions decision by the middle of May 2022.