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Aspire India Scholars Programme 2023


The aim of AISP 2023 programme is to guide the students in their transition from high school to higher education. The students engage in experiential learning in form of interdisciplinary case studies. Lectures and workshops conducted virtually will allow students to delve deeper into the issues from multiple disciplinary lenses so that they can identify their own interests. Special innovation and leadership workshops will be conducted by the faculty members of various schools at JGU.

Through three theme-based/case-study based online/offline workshops, AISP 2023 will give students learning experience in twelve interdisciplinary areas of Law, Business, International Affairs, Public Policy, Liberal Arts, Journalism & Communication, Banking & Finance, Art & Architecture, Environment & Sustainability, Psychology & Counselling, Languages & Literature, and Public Health & Human Development.




For AISP (For Indian students), the students who are currently enrolled in class 9, 10, 11, and 12 in any school in India are eligible to apply.
Students appearing for the XII exams in March 2023 are also eligible to apply


How to Apply


  • Create your account: Your Aspire India Scholars Program account will allow you to start, save and continue your application online, at your convenience.
  • Open the Verification email: To confirm your email address and to start your application process.
  • Start your application: Once logged in to your JGSS account, you can start your application process. Read the detailed guidelines given below.
  • Complete your application: In order to complete your application, you must fill out all the required information and submit the completed form


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Thematic workshops

You will engage in experiential learning in the form of three thematic workshops spread over nine days. These will be taught by multiple Professors, who will help you see a single issue from multiple angles, thus building a holistic understanding. The exposure to multiple disciplines will help you identify your own interests and help you make choices about the undergraduate degree that you may want to pursue.

Skills Workshops

We will organize workshops on photography, podcasting (Vodcasting), blogging (Vlogging), and digital marketing. You will have a choice to attend any 2 workshops conducted by experts from these domains. There will be additional workshops on data mining and learning how to learn.

Career Sessions

You will meet Aspire India Ambassadors - young achievers from diverse fields who have graduated in the last 5-6 years. Among these will be people who have taken non-traditional career paths after completing their studies, as well as those who have taken mainstream paths and have found a niche for themselves in the sector. These sessions will provide you a real glimpse into diverse career pathways available to you after graduation. The interaction with this diverse group will help you think outside the box about your future higher education and career choices.


Projects are a way to apply the knowledge and skills gained to understand/solve a specific problem. Each student will have a choice to engage in a project.

Gaming/Activity Zone

In the evenings, the students will come together for games and fun activities to enjoy and showcase their talent.

The AISP is a 10 days online/offline programme at the O.P. Jindal Global (Institution of Eminence Deemed To Be University) located in Sonipat, NCR of Delhi.




On-campus programme scheduled for 10 days at JGU campus will have the participating fee as Rs. 50,000/- (all inclusive).

Online mode scheduled for 10 days will have the participating fee as Rs. 30,000/- (all inclusive).


Important Dates


Programme Duration
5th June 2023 to 15th June 2023

Application Deadline

15th May 2023

Applications received after the priority deadline of 15th May, 2023 will be considered on a rolling basis. Hence, we will continue to review applications if any seats are still available.

Note: Only one application per candidate will be accepted for the forthcoming AISP/AIIP. Unsuccessful candidates are welcome to apply again next year.