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National Economics Olympiad 2022


The National Economics Olympiad conducted by The Economics Society, SRCC, is an initiative to break the monotony of an unquestioning curricular regime among students of Classes 11th & 12th (including batch of 2022) and harness the true potential of the discipline of Economics.

Economics is a vast subject whose beauty lies as much in theory as in its applicability. Feel the same and think that school exams are too theoretical? The fifth edition of the biggest Economics Olympiad for school students is back to allow kids to look beyond their curriculum and truly "Discover The Economist" in themselves.

Gear up for an opportunity of a lifetime as you navigate through a well-curated blend of application of economic concepts, logical reasoning, case studies and data interpretation to come out the victor against thousands of students across the world!




  • Cumulative cash prizes of ₹65,000 & certificate of excellence for winners
  • Certificate of merit to all finalists
  • Certificate of participation to all participants


First (Class XI & XII each) 10,000


Second (Class XI & XII each) 7,500


Third (Class XI & XII each)  5,000


Zonal Toppers (Class XI & XII each) 2,000


Registration Process


Procedure for Individual Registration:

  • Click on 'Register 
  • Login to Unstop using your Facebook/Google/LinkedIn account. You may also create a new account.
  • Enter your personal credentials along with your School Name and Class and click on 'Submit'. The opportunity is open to the class twelve batch of 2022(those who have passed boards in 2022). 
  • Enter additional details like City, State, and Referral Code (if any), and click on 'Submit'.
  • Choose the suitable payment method before clicking on 'Pay' to make the payment of the registration fees.
  • On making the payment, you will get a payment confirmation e-mail.
  • After making the payment, you can access the Sample Question Booklet on your Unstop dashboard on the NEO page, shown as the first round, by clicking on 'Brief/Case'.
  • The Olympiad shall be conducted online and the details about the platform and login credentials will be conveyed over email to the candidates a few days before the examination.


Register Here


Registration Fee


The registration fee is ₹199 (Early bird offer- ₹179). The deadline for registration and payment is 3rd November, 2022.
The early bird offer of  ₹20, can be availed by using the code 'SRCC20' at the payment gateway page.


Stages and Timeline


Sample Question Booklet


You can access the Sample Question Booklet here by clicking on 'Submit' and then the 'Brief/Case' option after making the payment and completing the registration process. Please note that there is no upload/submission that you need to make here. If you are unable to access the Sample Question Booklet, you can contact any of the organisers.

Start Date23 Aug 22, 05:00 PM IST

End Date05 Nov 22, 11:59 PM IST


Preliminary Round


A dynamic combination of economic concepts, logical reasoning, case studies and data interpretation in the form of an MCQ (Multiple Choice Question) quiz, which will test your mettle across various exciting sections, and help "Discover the Economist in You."

Start Date06 Nov 22, 03:00 PM IST

End Date06 Nov 22, 07:30 PM IST


Final Round


Selected candidates from the first round get to duke it out in the finals. A surprise set of questions await - prove your understanding, knowledge and presence of mind and take home the coveted titles and cash prizes!

Start Date13 Nov 22, 03:00 PM IST

End Date13 Nov 22, 07:30 PM IST


Structure of the Olympiad


The Olympiad shall consist of four sections as follows:

  1. Application of Economic Concepts 
  2. Logical Reasoning
  3. Case Study/Problem-Solving
  4. Data Interpretation

In Prelims, there will be 40 questions in total, with each section having 10 questions. In Finals, the students will have to answer 25 questions. Participants will be provided with a maximum time of 60 minutes for each round of the Olympiad.

The examination is an assessment of students’ analytical and problem-solving skills. There is no fixed syllabus for the examination. No prior preparation is required for the Olympiad. However, a Sample Question Booklet will be shared after the student completes the registration procedure for them to get a brief idea of what the Olympiad entails.


Important Dates


The deadline for registration and payment is 3rd November, 2022