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BSc (Hons) In Agriculture


Why Pursue BSc (Hons) In Agriculture?


With the global population expected to touch a figure of nine billion by 2050, augmentation of crop productivity through technology, research, and innovative farming techniques will set in and those with degrees like BSc (Hons) Agriculture will definitely score a point.

Additionally, BSc (Hons) Agriculture is an over-arching subject that opens opportunities across sectors. It covers many areas of study such as food production, horticulture, animal rearing, rural development, rural economy and environmental health.


Benefits Of BSc (Hons) Agriculture


As BSc (Hons) agriculture covers a broad range of subjects. Students can pursue different career options in this field, once they successfully complete this degree.

  • NABARD, IFFCO, Central Warehouse Corporation and FCI are some government institutions that offer promising career choices to students from BSc (Hons) Agriculture.
  • Research opportunities also open up when a student completes BSc (Hons) Agriculture.
  • Students also develop some key skill sets such as agri-preneurship, research instinct, management of farm practices etc.


Employment Domains For BSc Agriculture


  1. Government Research Institutes
  2. State Agricultural Universities (SAUs)
  3. Seed Manufacturing Companies
  4. Banking and Micro Financing institutions
  5. MNCs in Agriculture Fields
  6. Fertiliser Manufacturing Companies
  7. Food Processing Companies
  8. Central & State Government’s Agriculture Departments
  9. Schools, Colleges & Universities
  10. Agricultural Machinery Manufacturing
  11. Agribusiness and Agripreneurship
  12. Agriculture Economics
  13. Farm Management
  14. Quality Assurance
  15. Agricultural Banks


Popular Job Profiles For B.Sc Agriculture In The Government & Private sectors


  • Agricultural Officer
  • ICAR Scientist
  • Agriculture Analyst
  • Agriculture Sales Representative
  • Marketing Executive
  • Agricultural Research Assistantship
  • An Agricultural Project Associate
  • Plant Breeder
  • Animal Breeder
  • Seed Technologists/Seed Development
  • Agriculture Technician


Job profiles For B.Sc Agriculture In Private Banking Sectors


  • Specialist officer (Agricultural Field Officer)
  • Junior Agricultural Associate
  • Rural Development Officer
  • Field Officer
  • Agricultural Officer
  • Probationary Officer


Top Government Jobs After B.Sc. Agriculture!


B.Sc. Agriculture is a four-year professional programme that offers numerous career options in the government sector. Read the following sections of this blog to know more about various government jobs in India available for B.Sc agriculture graduates.


SSC Level Government Jobs After BSc Agriculture


On behalf of the Indian government, SSC hires agricultural officers and non-officers for a variety of ministries and subordinate organisations. Based on demand and the available vacancies, the Staff Selection Commission regularly issues several exam notifications to recruit B.Sc. in Agriculture graduates for numerous agricultural posts under central government--


UPSC Level Government Jobs After BSc Agriculture


After completing B.Sc Agriculture, you can directly appear for the UPSC and state-level civil service exams which would help you to get recruited for various administrative jobs under central and state government respectively.

Besides IAS and IPS, students with B.Sc.


Employment Opportunities For B.Sc Agriculture in Abroad


Whether you want to continue a career in research or want to look into work prospects at top MNCs, there is a vast opportunity to find jobs after earning a BSc in agriculture overseas. Following a BSc in agriculture, these are the top positions abroad:

  • An Agriculture Engineer
  • Landscaping Manager
  • Business Development Executive
  • Agriculture Development Officers (ADO)
  • Agricultural Scientist
  • Crop Trial Officer
  • Agricultural Field Inspection Officer