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Spanning the World of Political Science


Political Science


Political Science is a field which Intimately links with subjects like History, Sociology, Philosophy and Psychology gathering knowledge from the past, about society, abstract notions of the role of the state, examining people in politics how they behave and why.


Dealing with the study of


  • State And Government
  • Institutions
  • National and International Issues
  • Concept of Power




In short Political Science is the study of transfer of power at a global, country , state, district and regional level and how it impacts the society and its economy


What Can I Do With A Political Science Degree?



Well, if we go by the orthodox notion one can only go in Academia through Political Science Degree, but is it actually true?


No! Let’s explore our options:


Government Organizations:

  • Department Of Home Affairs
  • Department Of External Affairs
  • Department Of Social Affairs
  • Justice
  • Other Departments Of State And Central Govt

Other Organizations:

  • Marketing Fields
  • NGO’s
  • LAW
  • Electoral and Polling Politics
  • Private Organizations


Wow! So many new aspects right?  Iam sure all political science buffs Would want to know about job profiles?




  • Policy Analyst : If you like going down the rabbit hole, and like to know about the cause and effect of things and are good in supporting your opinions  you can try for Policy Analyst!!


  • Legislative Assistant: Have you Ever got a compliment for giving really nice advise? And having really clear concepts on politics? Well this Profile might be for you! Job of legislative assistant involves aiding the elected representatives or member of Parliament with their legislative duties


  • Intelligence Analyst: Who doesn’t want to work in CBI? About Everyone Right! Intelligence Analyst work for government agencies like CBI , utilising the knowledge of Political science, develop assessment on the information gathered through resources , networks analysing patterns and parameters in volatile regions


  • Political Campaigning Staff: If you like managing social media and love political science as well , you can combine both and work as political campaigning staff , preparing press meeting and speeches for their clients , designing and executing campaign stratiegies , analysing political issues while maintaining  clients image.


  • Political Scientist: Political Scientist are experts who study and analyse how politics influences societal development regionally and globally . If Research , Providing insights and strategies sparks something in you political scientist might be it!


  • Psephologist: If explaining political data , specialising in Election process and balloting, attracts you psephologist   work involves keeping account of public opinions, election polls


Hence, Political science is a field which involves every aspect where humans and their interactions, transactions amongst themselves and system takes place including its impact on each element , so till homo sapiens are existing political science is existing.