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Minds Underground - Essay Competition 2024


About Us


Minds Underground believes that students must know what they are learning and to do so it is crucial to look beyond examination syllabuses, opening their eyes to the opportunities available to them in our fast-paced world. Minds Underground's co-curricular masterclasses, courses & research projects are designed to drive artistic & scientific enquiry for students looking to boost their academic potential beyond the core curriculum.

Learn Python with a Google specialist. Explore supermassive black holes with a renowned Astrophysicist. Engage with the African American Arts Movement with an expert in Postcolonial Literature. Understand the modern aerodynamicists’ world of virtual modelling & coding with a Jaguar Engineer. Minds Underground provide an unparalleled opportunity to be inspired by some extraordinary minds.


About the Competition


Currently, there are two categories of Essay writing competitions going on, namely -

  • Young Minds Prize
    The competition provides students with an opportunity to engage in debate and hone their writing skills. Students must choose one question to answer.

    Questions -
    1. Should space exploration continue to be a top priority for humanity, even when we face challenges on Earth?
    2. If you could invent a new gadget to solve a common problem, what would it be, and how would it work? Describe your invention and its potential impact.
    3. If you were the mayor of your town or city, what initiatives would you implement to make it a better place for young people? How would your policies benefit the community?

    Junior essays must be up to 1000 words (no lower limit), no referencing required unless desired.

    > Submit essays as PDF or Microsoft Word files.

    Eligibility Criteria
    Children from 
    8-11 and 12-14 age categories can Participate under this category.
    >  Essay must be written in English.


  • Senior Prize
    The competition provides students with an opportunity to hone their writing skills and an ability to construct effective arguments, explore your interests beyond the school curriculum and gain a great talking-point on your university application. Students must choose from the following sub categories to participate in -

    1. Geography
     Essay Competition
    2. Medicine Essay Competition
    3. Veterinary Essay Competition
    4. Engineering Innovation Challenge
    5. Art History Essay Competition
    6. History Essay Competition
    7. Architecture Essay Competition
    8. Politics Essay Competition
    9. Psychology Essay Competition
    10. Law Essay Competition
    11. Philosophy Essay Competition
    12. Economics Essay Competition
    13. English Competition
    14. Classics Essay Competition
    15. STEM Essay Competition
    16. Modern Languages
    17. Dentistry Essay Competition

        NOTE - There are Questions in the above mentioned categories, kindly answer
         any one question that suits the best.

 Submit essays as PDF or Microsoft Word files.
           > Senior essays must be 1000 - 1500 words in length (citations can be excluded).

           Eligibility Criteria
Children above the age of 12, can Participate under this category.
           >  Essay must be written in English.


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Submitting Enteries

Click here to read the Guidelines


Fill the Google Form with your details and upload your essay - https://forms.gle/nnhsYibDprpJaTw89 .
No data will be shared with third parties.


Important Dates


Application Open


Application Close

3rd April 2024
By 11 PM, UK Time