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All about Scholarships


Studying Abroad can be an expensive affair, if you don’t have everything planned in a way. There are various scholarships that are just waiting for you!

Here at Career Prabhu, we would love to assist you and bring you closer to ‘100% Scholarship’, when applying for Abroad education. Trust us, if you know the process about what is the criteria to get the maximum scholarship and where to apply for the same, studying abroad can be a reality for many! Without any delay, let’s get started and learn about how it can be done.


What is Study Abroad Scholarships?


It’s a monetary reward given to students who prove their worth. The money received is used for paying tuition fee, course book or other expenses. In short, Scholarships will definitely help you in decreasing your overall cost in International studies in a way or other.


What are the Types of Scholarships?


There are many types of scholarships for studying abroad which are based on different parameters. Let’s have a look at them:


-Merit based: These scholarships are based on student’s academic performance or artistic performance or how well the student does performs in extra-curricular. Student requires building a profile for this and this scholarship will give you maximum chance of receiving the scholarship.

-Country specific: Various countries want to encourage the International crowd to study in their countries, for which they provide various scholarships. Student will need to track the applications as these are generally offered by the respective government of that country.

-Need based: Many universities understand the fact that not everyone can afford abroad studies and also that every student deserves to chase their dreams. Such Universities provide financial aid to students who may not meet the financial requirements. These scholarships require you to show your sponsor’s financial status and involve more documentation than others.



How to Apply for Scholarships for Studying Abroad?


While compiling your application, pay attention to all your documents such as LOR, essays, SOP, etc. as they act as a communication tool for you and helps in telling the university about what and who you are.

1. Gather your documents: There might be several documents that your school need to provide. Adhere to the deadlines and keep a check on the checklist for application to Universities.

2. Make your CV: This is another document that will tell about you and your achievements in the past. Don’t take this lightly! if possible take some help from your counsellor because this will highlight your skills and experience.  Also, try not to exceed a page.

3. Find your references: Take care of this well in advance. You may contact your school teachers with whom you have good connections and ask them if they can write about you and refer you. Let them know the universities and course you are applying for and how important this document will be for you.

4. Essays: Every university will ask for your personal essay based on the questions about how are you as a person, why you are interested for the particular program and who inspired you for the same and various other bases. Your essay should be unique and true. 



Tips to Get the Scholarships You Want


The secret that will get you closer to Scholarships, is how unique your profile is and how well do you stand apart from your fellow students.

1. Write an incredible essay

2. Reuse your own material

3. Find what makes you stand out

4. Consult with your Counsellor: you can contact our International Hand-Holding experts and book counselling session on 95012-99633.

5. Don’t wait until the last minute


All the best!