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Ashoka University Admission 2018



Ashoka University, Sonepat invites applications for admission of the year 2018. Ashoka University Offer undergraduate Programme admission for the candidates who are qualified in SAT or ACT or Ashoka Aptitude Test (AAT) or have their class XII board scores. 
Eligible candidates who are interested in taking admission in the said programme for the academic year 2018-2019 have to fill the application form.

Majors Offered

A Major is a subject in which a student will earn a Bachelors’ degree – either a B.A. or a B.Sc. Although students can take courses toward their specialisation before formally declaring the Major at the end of the third semester, it is only in the last three semesters that they will be taking courses predominantly in their Major subject. 
Normally 15 courses are required to complete a Major in a subject; 19 courses are required to complete an Interdisciplinary Major.


  • Biology (B.Sc.Hons.)
  • Computer Science (B.Sc. Hons.)
  • Computer Science and Entrepreneurship (B.Sc. Hons.) 
  • Economics (B.A. Hons.)
  • Economics and Finance (B.Sc. Hons.)
  • Economics and History (B.A.Hons.)
  • English (B.A. Hons.)
  • English and Journalism (B.A. Hons.)
  • History (B.A. Hons.)
  • History and International Relations (B.A. Hons.)
  • Mathematics (B.Sc. Hons.)
  • Philosophy (B.A. Hons.)
  • Physics (B.Sc. Hons)
  • Political Science (B.A. Hons.)
  • Politics, Philosophy and Economics (B.A. Hons.)
  • Politics and Society (B.A. Hons.)
  • Psychology (B.A. Hons.)
  • Sociology/Anthropology (B.A. Hons.)



Minors Offered

Students are encouraged to consider declaring a Minor in addition to their Major. 


  • Performing Arts
  • Visual Arts
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Creative Writing
  • Environmental Studies
  • International Relations
  • Media Studies



How to Apply



  • Applicants must fill the application form online through the website. An applicant cannot submit more than one form in one admissions cycle. 
  • There is no fees/cost for beginning or submitting an application.


Click the link given below to download the sample for Application form;

Selection Process


The Interview Round



  • Once an application form has been submitted, it is reviewed by the Admissions Committee, which shortlists candidates for the interview round. Interviews are conducted across multiple locations in India depending on the applications received.
  • All shortlisted candidates are required to attend the interview round in person. 
  • In case a candidate is unable to appear for the interview round at any of the given venues, s/he has the option of being a part of it over Skype.


Components of the Interview round:


  • On the spot essay – Mandatory (30 minutes)
  • Ashoka Aptitude Test – Mandatory, optional for SAT/ACT takers (90 minutes)
  • Interview with our Panel – Mandatory


Please Click here! to download the summary and sample of the Ashoka Aptitude Test.
Shortlisted candidates will be informed about the details of the interview round on their registered email address.

Ashoka Aptitude Test Policies (AAT)

The Ashoka Aptitude Test is mandatory for applicants who are shortlisted for the interview process. However, it is optional for applicants who have previously taken the SAT/ACT. 
Below are the Ashoka Aptitude Test (AAT) policies:


  • The Ashoka Aptitude Test is a multiple choice aptitude test with questions on verbal, quantitative, logical and analytical reasoning
  • The test is conducted online
  • The Ashoka Aptitude Test will be administered on the day of the interview and will be conducted at the interview venue
  • The Ashoka Aptitude Test / SAT / ACT assists an applicant in getting a firm offer of admission in the absence of Class XII board score



Admission related policies



  • The round in which an applicant applies, does not affect his/her chances of being shortlisted for the interview round or for admission to Ashoka University
  • Admission to Ashoka University is merit-based, while Financial Aid is need-based. An applicant’s selection to the programme is not affected by the information submitted in the Financial Aid section
  • The choice of preferred Majors specified in the application form are only indicative in nature. Undergraduate students at Ashoka University will have to declare their Major at the end of the third semester
  • The Admissions process will be followed in its entirety on the basis of the merit of the applicant, and no other formal or informal recommendations from or through any individual(s) will be entertained or considered


For more information regarding the admission policies, click the link given below;

Fee Structure

Undergraduate Programme Fee Structure (2018-2019)
Amount (INR) per annum
Tuition Fee
Hostel Fee

One-time Payments



  • Admissions Fee of INR 35,000 at the time of acceptance of the offer of admission
  • Refundable Security Deposit of INR 50,000 at the time of acceptance of an offer of admission. 
  • The Security Deposit will be refunded at the time of graduation from Ashoka University or at the time of withdrawal of admission from the programme



Important Dates

*These dates are tentative and subject to change depending on the Grade XII board examinations