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Hippo English Olympiad 2022



Hippo International English Language Olympiad (hereinafter referred to as The Olympiad) is open to Primary 1 (7 years old) to Secondary 4 (16 years old) from the whole world. Students participating in The Olympiad will take their tests at an approved venue (state school and schools that are part of the formal education system) as well as private schools.



the English language
students around the globe
cooperation between teachers

The aim of The Olympiad is to promote the English language, challenge students around the globe to compete in English language knowledge, and to improve cooperation between teachers. The main goal is to create and nourish friendly relations, international understanding and a spirit of sporting competitiveness between young people interested in English language from all around the world.




Test Format

The Olympiad will run in three(3) rounds namely: preliminary round, semi-final round & final round.


FOR DETAILS---https://www.internationalolympiadacademy.com/olympiads/hippo-english-olympiad


Every participating school needs to appoint one of their staff as The Olympiad person-in-charge officer (PICO). The PICO will be in charge of applications and will need to ensure that all The Olympiad examination regulations are adhered to.

For Hippo 2021 Online Applications, all schools will receive login details for the Hippo Online Platform where they will have to register the candidates by entering the required details. After the registration end date, no further amendments can be made.

Note : Students who reached Hippo 2020 final around, cannot complete in the same category in Hippo 2021.



PRELIMINARY ROUND Certificate of Participation
SEMI-FINAL ROUND Certificate of Participation
FINAL ROUND Internationally recognised certificate in English
(Score of 50% minimum)