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The Island Game Daulat Ram College (DRC), Delhi University (DU), Delhi


About the Island Game - 

You all have just escaped a catastrophe and are trapped on an island for your safety. The only issue, there is no one to run the economy. You have to build the most suitable and effective economy and run it efficiently. You will have to make various decisions regarding the same and are accountable for the outcomes. Use the questions provided to guide your discussion of how you will set up this new society. This is a beautiful island. It is tropical (average temperature 80°F), it has many sources of food (fruit trees, fish, land for agriculture), and it has a steady wind from the West of about 15 m.p.h. Remember, this is not a vacation, you have work to do, so get to it!


Objectives of the Game: 

  • Participants have to weigh the pros and cons of different economic systems in order to design an ideal economy 
  • Participants will be asked to engage in problem-solving activities revolving around the central questions which are integral to set up an ideal economy 
  • Many economic principles will be tested 

Number of participants per team - 1-4 

Number of Rounds - 




The first stage of the event will be the registration stage. Forms will be open from 06/09/2021 to 12/09/2021. Teams are requested to fill the form with the correct details.

date06 Oct'21 04:43 PM IST - 12 Oct'21 05:00 PM IST



Quiz On D2C

Once the registrations close, all teams will be added to a WhatsApp group. Further communication is to be done via the group. The first round of elimination will be a quiz round. The teams will be told the time of the quiz beforehand so that they are available. This round will be a time-based round. After the time is up, no further extension will be given. Speed as well as no. of correct answers will be the deciding factor for the selection of the team to proceed in the next round. Questions relating to the economy will be asked.

date13 Oct'21 05:00 PM IST - 13 Oct'21 11:30 PM IST



The teams selected will be sent a mail explaining the scenario on the island, the game rules, and the schedule for the day of the presentation. The scenario refers to the situation on the island that our teams will be stranded upon. It will include details about natural resources. In order to set up an economy, we keep in mind certain basic questions that have to be addressed regarding the following topics: 1) Economic and socio-economic plans and goals, 2) Land, 3) Labour, 4) Capital, 5) Basic Needs. Each team will be given 2/3 days to prepare their presentation on setting up their economy based on these trade-offs. During the presentation, each team will be allowed 20 minutes to explain their choice making decision, and the trade-offs they made along with their reason as to why they decided on a certain detail. The presentation then will be judged by our esteemed guests.

date16 Oct'21 09:00 AM IST - 16 Oct'21 10:00 PM IST


Problem Solving Round

After the presentation is done, each team will be allotted a problem, whose solution they will have to present on the same date. Some time will be allocated to each team to discuss and come up with the solution to the query with respect to their economy. The team will be again asked to join the meet and tell the judges about the solution that they could come up with. Once the round is over, final scores will be tallied and then the results will be announced soon on our social media pages.

date16 Oct'21 09:00 AM IST - 16 Oct'21 10:00 PM IST