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Law School Admission Test-LSAT 2021


In 2009, LSAC introduced the LSAT—India, a version of the LSAT specifically designed for law colleges in India. Over 35,000 law aspirants have taken the test, seeking admission to LL.B. and LL.M. programmes at some of the most prestigious law colleges in India. In 2019, LSAC renewed its commitment to promoting legal education in India by opening LSAC Global – India LLP.

The LSAT—India is a test of high-level reading, informal reasoning, and deductive reasoning skills. These acquired critical thinking skills are essential to succeed in law college and in the practise of the law. The LSAT—India was developed specifically to be used by law colleges in India. It will be administered online across India in 2021.


LSAT—India Question Paper Pattern

The LSAT—India assesses critical thinking skills with three types of multiple-choice questions, as follows:

  1. Analytical Reasoning

  2. Logical Reasoning

  3. Reading Comprehension

FOR DETAILS-     https://www.discoverlaw.in/about-the-test


How To Prepare-   https://www.discoverlaw.in/prepare-for-the-test


Key LSAT ─ India Dates

Event Date
Registration opens 10-Nov-2020
Registration closes 20-April-2021
LSAT—India testing period Starting 10 May 2021
Admit Card release TBA
Score Card release TBA