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Eureka! Junior Road to Enterprise (E-Cell IIT Bombay)


Eureka! Junior provides the perfect platform for young inquisitive minds to solve normal problems in the most innovative and creative way possible. Starting off with teaching you the very basics of entrepreneurship, to polishing your creative ideas, to drafting your Business Plan and pitching in front of a panel of esteemed judges, this platform has everything!


The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination and innovation. Eureka! Junior envisions to polish students’ creative ideas, call out their imagination skills and provide them with the knowledge and guidance to create a Business-Plan. Here, we teach them to present themselves with great panache, an essential life skill.



The participants must be from Classes 6-12




  • Phase 1 Preliminary Workshop
  • Phase 2 Registration Deadline
  • Phase 3 Entrepreneurship Olympiad
  • Phase 4 Intermediate Workshop
  • Phase 5 Advanced Workshops
  • Phase 6 Mentoring
  • Phase 7 Finals




  • Prizes worth INR 2 Lakhs
  • Mentoring from Business Experts
  • Certificate from E-Cell, IIT Bombay
  • Workshops
  • Media Coverage
  • Free E-Summit Passes
  • Chance to meet a keynote speaker in E-Summit




Eureka! Junior is divided into two tracks - Classes 6 to 8 and Classes 9 to 12
Preliminary Workshop: Free online and offline workshops covering the basics of Entrepreneurship, Idea Generation and Idea Validation
Registration: Click on the Register button and use a valid email id to signup. Only the team leader (chosen based on the team’s decision) needs to register and add other team members
Intermediate Workshop: The registered teams will be able to attend workshop on Customer Discovery and Idea Validation
Preliminary Submission: The semifinalists are required to submit a pitch deck(presentation) covering the various aspects of their startup idea before coming to the advanced workshop
Advance Workshop: The semifinalists will have the opportunity to attend the Advanced Workshops of entrepreneurship
Mentoring: The teams will be allotted mentors to help improve the students’ ideas
Finals: The Finals will be conducted at IIT Bombay where the finalists are required to pitch their startup idea in front of a panel of judges


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The participants can register in a team with a maximum of 3 members.
The participants must be from Classes 6-12. There are two tracks of Classes 6-8 and 9-12.
Any team from the track of Class 6-8 must have all team members only from Classes 6-8. The same rule applies to the other track as well.
Entries submitted after the registration deadline will not be considered.
Previous winners are not allowed to participate again this year.
The Prize Money Distribution will be subject to E-Cell IIT Bombay.




Eureka Junior Launch 15th August

Olympiad Launch 28th August

Eureka Jr. Registration Deadline 30th September

Olympiad 6th November

Semi-Finalist Declaration 28th November

Advanced Workshops 4th December

Final Submission 1st January

Finalists Declaration 14th January

Practice Pitching 28th and 29th January

Finals To Be Announced