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Earth4All | Creative Story Challenge 2024


About Us


Earth4All is a vibrant collective of leading economic thinkers, scientists, and advocates, convened by The Club of Rome, the BI Norwegian Business School, the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research and the Stockholm Resilience Centre.Building on the legacies of The Limits to Growth and the Planetary Boundaries frameworks, science is at the heart of our work. Leading scientists have developed state of the art systems dynamic models and run different scenarios for possible plausible futures.

Earth4All is guided by a Transformational Economics Commission, made up of economic thinkers from across the globe to explore new economic thinking and test the model outcomes.The third pillar is a global campaign that aims to make the Earth4All vision a reality, advocating for governments to adopt policies that will enable resilient and healthy societies.

They provide a platform to connect and amplify the voices of people and organisations who want to upgrade our economies. The momentum is growing, with communities and policy makers around the world pushing for economic systems change.



About the Competition


When we tell new stories about the future, they inspire us to act in ways that can change everything. So they’ve designed a creative challenge for young people to share new stories and shape the future.  

In their story book, they’ve imagined the stories of "four girls growing up around the world in the coming years" – now it’s your turn to continue the story in your creative way and participating in this competition. They want to hear your voice : what would the future look like for a young person in your country? Imagine the future in the Giant Leap scenario, where citizens and governments come together to take action on global challenges in the next ten years. Write, draw, paint or make a video by telling them what it would be like. 


Eligibility Criteria


  • Entries are open to young people around the world and can be sent in any language. 

  • Entries will be judged in three categories: 15 and under, 16-18, 19-21 inclusive. 

  • Written entries should be no longer than 800 words.

  • Videos should be under 1.5 minutes.




Up to six winning entries will be published on the Earth4All website and in a digital booklet. It will be showcased in a variety of formats across social media. Three entries will receive a copy of Earth4All and a book voucher worth 50 EUR (or resource of equivalent value).


How to Apply


Click Here to Apply!


  • The candidate must register themselves online by filling up the google form.



Click here to know more - https://earth4all.life/creative-challenge/



Important Dates




Application START


Application END

30th June  2024
until 11.59 AM CEST


NOTE - Kindly go through the terms & conditions onces before applying.