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Role of Portfolio in Profile Building



Portfolio plays a crucial role when it comes to international education and careers as it provides a brief about who you are and what you have accomplished. A portfolio is a compilation of documents and materials that exemplify your beliefs, skills, qualifications, education, training and experiences. It provides insight into your personality and work ethic.

The process of putting together a portfolio itself will help you become an effective personality. You will be identifying the skills you have gained through your various experiences and how they relate to the career you are interested in. Choosing the most relevant experiences and putting them in an easily understood format will help you better articulate your skills and experiences when asked questions about your qualifications in an interview. A professional portfolio will also show an employer proof of your organizational, communication, and tangible career related skills.

The following points add up to an effective portfolio:

  • A statement of originality
  • A brief description about your views on yourself and the industry
  • Your professional aims and goals
  • Areas in which you are skilled
  • A resume including your achievements and experiences

We shall look upon some of the important inclusions that can be jotted in the portfolio which will make it more meaningful and provide genuine facts:

  • Works in progress:

A list of career related projects that you are currently working on, and also the tasks and projects that you would like to do in the future based on your knowledge and skills.

  • Achievements:

These are the various certificates, diplomas, degrees or awards which you have earned on the basis of your skill implementation.

  • Community services:

Activities of community service and social work are also important aspects of a portfolio. These show the social empathy, generosity and awareness of a person and reflect his/her compassionate personality.

  • Internships and Activity certifications:

Work experiences or any co-curricular activities are important so that the student has knowledge of the real world situations and how organizations work.

  • Academic inclusions:

These comprise of the subjects that you have studied, which subject is your area of strength and how well are the scores justifying the academics.

A clear and concise portfolio displays everything that a student wants to convey to an organization. This is possible when the facts are genuine and the student has a confident way of presenting himself.

At the international level, there are a large number of potential candidates who are competently working to secure positions in every field. A strong and impactful portfolio is the key to distinction and is the ultimate way to stand out of the crowd and prove yourself.