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Role of Parents in Career Journey of Students!


Parents are the well-wishers for their kids who want them to stay happy, thus they shape the kids’ life in a manner that they can live a happy, healthy life ahead. Since the parents strive for kids’ happiness, they ensure that their children make right choices, out of which, one most important is career selection and most parents are super actively involved in the process where they play an important role.

Here it becomes mandatory that the parents know their properly and play it effectively and positively. It has been seen in our country that parents tend to decide the career of children either based on their desires which they were not able to fulfil during their life or according to the knowledge and experience they have gathered over their life tenure. They cannot be called completely wrong here as they find it their duty to get the best for their children in every horizon of life. The role of parents has been changing with the changing time as now days they are expected to be involved without dominating their children for career choices, neither they can expect them to follow their definition of a perfect career. Listed below are some ways parents can ensure their contribution in building a child’s career.


  • Parents should encourage their children to try and not give up.
  • Parents should help their children to discover new fields and interests.
  • Encourage children to build skill set of their interest.
  • Parents should interfere and advise children but leave decision making on their children.
  • Parents should develop bond of mutual trust with children where both are up for discussions any time.
  • Don’t over pressure children with your unreal expectations.
  • Parents are first role models to whom child look upon, so setting right example is your duty.
  • Do not demotivate children.
  • Stop children from falling prey to peer pressure


When sending children abroad, the frequency of meeting gets reduced. Parents have to understand that their emotional presence would be the most important to ensure that the kids have a successful journey in a new land. It is very important for parents to discuss everything with their children and strive together for common goal based on child properties as parents are the only people children need support of and if get in right direction, they could do wonders.

Do not answer child's career queries if you are not sure about it.

It’s okay to take time, research or seek professional help like career counselling to aid decision.