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Art Competition Cyber Security Education


All that you need to know about Art Competition

To participate in CSE’s “Art Competition” you need to send any type of artwork on any topic of your choice – sketch, drawings, paintings, (for digital art you need to insert your signature & date).


  • Send us 2 pictures with image timestamp -
    • The original artwork
    • In the case of physical artwork, you can hold it in your hands and click your picture along with it, your face should be visible
  • In case if you don’t want your photo to be uploaded then only the image of your artwork will be uploaded, but you still need to send the 2nd photo for verification that the artwork originally belongs to you and has not been copied
  • Please specifically mention the above condition whether your photo is to be uploaded or not
  • Send us your responses at cse@cybersecedu.in or cybseceduin@gmail.com


  • Children - Up to 16 years of age
  • Adults - 17+ years of age onwards
  • Professionals artists

Judging Process:

  • Once we receive your response, we will verify it, and then it would be uploaded on our
    official Instagram account along with your details and you will be tagged in that post
  • It will be open to all so, people will see all of the responses and their likes and comments
    will decide who should be the winner
  • Also, share your Instagram handle with it so we can tag you. You Can directly DM us on your Instagram account
  • There will be a winner in all 3 categories

Submission Deadline: 5th August 2021

Winners will be declared on 7th August; they will get an opportunity to become our event ambassador for our upcoming event. Participation certificates will be given to all participants.


  • Artwork should not be absurd, such responses will not be considered
  • Don’t copy someone else’s work and upload it because people are going to decide the winner, so if it’s copied they will write such comments