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What is ABC? Academic Bank of Credits


Credit Bank for Students

Students can accumulate credits from prior learning experiences

Online centralized system

Credit accumulation and redemption
Credit audit trail management
Credit accounting


Enable student mobility
Academic flexibility
Allows student to choose own learning path
Recognized learning achievements


Key feature 

Multiple entry multiple exit
Anytime anywhere learning
Allows student to study at their own pace


Are you a student?

Be a part of the Academic Bank of Credits by creating your ABC ID

Login to DigiLocker
Student with DigiLocker Account can create ABC ID

Search for Education
Education category shows Academic Bank of Credits service

Create ABC ID
Select your University and click on Generate ABC ID

Accumulate Credits
Students can check accumulated credits by loging into   abc.gov.in



“Credits awarded to a student for one program from an institution may be transferred / redeemed by another institution upon students consent”
Credit transfer is the key to successful study mobility


Disclaimer: The information provided here is best to our knowledge. It is highly recommended that you should cross-check the source of information through the specific Colleges and Institutes. Career Prabhu (Career Prabhu Education Pvt. Ltd.) is in no way responsible for the decisions made solely on the basis of this document