Radio Jockey and Anchoring

Radio Jockey and Anchoring



Radio Jockeys are those who anchor music programmes on radio. The task of a RJ is to entertain the listeners by playing music or conveying messages in a most attractive and sophisticated way. They play requests from listeners, interview guests, manage contests and also provide information on the music, weather and traffic.

Disc Jockey alias DJ can be considered as a showman who entertains the crowd of a discotheque, night club, party or an event by playing music according to the tastes and preferences of the people present there. They liven up parties by mixing tunes, forming beats and creating the right ambience. For that DJ's need to understand the mood of the audience, the performance setting, the preferred medium and know how to manipulate sound. They should also focus on beat- matching to keep the tempo of the party going.

An anchor is usually known as either a presenter, host, news reader or news/program anchor etc. Anchors are of three types- stage anchor, news anchor and programme anchor. While stage anchor present live events, News anchor/program anchors present news or programs in entertainment media or news media. TV news anchors present news in different languages - national, regional and other different languages. Program anchors focuses toward entertainment programs such as award functions, any competition shows, comedy shows, film based shows, cooking shows, reality shows, sports, crime reports or talk shows and debates etc.



Skill Set


  • Creative bent of mind.
  • Focused approach.
  • One needs to be adaptable.
  • Sense of humor is a must.
  • General knowledge and awareness.
  • Confidence and positive attitude.
  • A confident and outgoing personality.
  • A good sense of timing and coordination.
  • Calmness under pressure.
  • The ability to do several tasks at the same time.
  • The skills to manage your own business and promote yourself.


Top Colleges


  • Delhi Film Institute

Course: .A. (Journalism & Mass Communication) + Certificate Course in Radio Jockeying, Anchoring, News Reading & Reporting + Advance Programme

Duration:  3 Years

Eligibility:  12th Class

Admission Mode:  Procedure Not Given



  • Craft Film School ,Delhi

Course:  Radio Jockey

Duration: 3 Months

Eligibility: 12th Pass Out

Admission Mode:  On first come first serve basis



  • Institute of Acting By RKFMA at Hansraj College, Delhi

Course: Radio Jockeying , Anchoring & TV Journalism

Duration: 3 Months

Eligibility: Minimum 12th pass – Any Stream

Admission Mode: Direct



  • Asian Academy of Film & Television , Noida

Course: Advanced Disc Jockey (DJ) - Every Genre

Duration:  3 Months

Eligibility: 12th pass out from a recognized board

Admission Mode: Personal Interview



Job Prospects



       Radio Jockey

    Disc Jockey (DJ)



  • AIR (All India Radio)
  • Times FM
  • Radio Mid-Day
  • Independent radio station


  • Radio DJs
  • Computer DJs
  • Mobile/ Commuting DJs
  • Hip Hop DJs/ Reggae DJs
  • Home/ Bedroom DJs
  • Club/ Rave DJsc


  • TV channels
  • Radio stations
  • Hosts in award functions
  • Reality Show
  • Music Show
  • Dance Show
  • International reporters





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