Behavioral Sciences

Behavioral Sciences



Behavioural science, also known as behavioural economics and looks at the subject of human actions. It encapsulates multiple fields of study, including cognitive-neuroscience, psychology and economics as well as the behavioural aspects of biology, law, psychiatry and political science. Behavioural science studies human behaviour, specifically how humans really make decisions in the real-world.

In particular, behavioural science studies the way that emotions, the environment and social factors influence our decisions. Behavioural science is particularly interested in how heuristics, biases and framing can lead us to make “irrational” decisions.


Skill Set


•          Communicating effectively

•          Quantitative and/or analytical skills

•          Quick and creative thinking

•          Transferable skills

•          Networking skills

•          Differentiating and branding oneself

•          Be flexible and stay positive



Study Pathway


  1. 10 + 2 with English as compulsory subject
  2. Bachelor’s degree (Psychology, Anthropology, Philosophy etc.)
  3. Master’s degree in Clinical/ Experimental Psychology or Behavioural Science



Top Colleges


Christ University

Location: Bangalore

Course: M.Sc. in Behavioural Science

Admission Criteria: On the basis of entrance examination, interview


Swami Vivekanand Institute of Information Studies

Location: Patiala

Course: M.B.A. Behavioural Science Management

Admission Criteria: On the basis of merit


Institute of Management and Technical Studies

Location: Noida

Course: M.B.A. Behavioural Science Management

Admission Criteria: On the basis of merit



Job Prospects


•          ABA Therapist

•          Criminologist

•          Criminal Profiler

•          Psychologist

•          Sociologist

•          Corporate Coach

•          Market Researcher

•          Neuro-marketing

•          Health Education/ Public Health




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