One Day Event

One Day Event

WonderSkool team conducts one day workshop for the students as well as their parents with the main agenda of spreading career awareness. The topics of the workshop are categorized class wise.


Class 8th: Self Awareness


Before knowing about the ocean of career choices available, it is very important for a child to know his/her strengths, weaknesses, personality traits and intelligences. The agenda behind the one day workshop for class 8th students revolves around “self awareness and different measurement parameters.”


Class 9th: Subject Specific Career Options


Before choosing any stream, a student needs to have some awareness about career options available subject wise. Subject specific career options are discussed with 9thstandard.


Class 10th: Stream Selection


Class 10th is the first important step towards the career path of a child. The stream once selected becomes the base of the career path to follow. Nuances in stream selection and guidance in choosing subject combinations is addressed in the 10th class one day event.


Class 11th and 12th: Career Selection


Once the stream has been selected, choosing the optimum career path keeping in mind the strengths, weaknesses, interest and aptitude seems like a very confusing task. Stream specific availability of careers, emerging trends and careers, top most colleges, admission procedures and entrance exam patterns is what we discuss with the parents and students of class 11th and 12th.

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